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If you're connecting your bank account for the first time to the Silicon Prairie Online (SPPX) portal via ACH (Automated Clearing House) -- the full process can take 2-3 business days because the entire system is based on 1970's era steam-powered COBOL applications running on mainframes. No Joke. Transactions are batched together and uploaded four times per BUSINESS day. Some banks will show the transfer in your account the moment the batch processes. Most banks however only do their settlements overnight and will show the transactions on the next business day. Rest assured it all works and once confirmed and connected your funds will flow fast and friction free to support the campaigns you love!

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Thank you for the update. The

Thank you for the update. The status reads Deposited but I didn't see the amount show up and thought there might be something wrong.

Thanks. My bank shows the ACH

Thanks. My bank shows the ACH deposits as "pending" and no withdrawals have been made yet but I'm going to assume it's working and that someone will contact me if anything goes wrong.

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Your pledge is showing as

Your pledge is showing as "funded", so it should be fine.

Thank you!

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