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Can one invest with two funding sources?

The AltoIRA option is very intriguing -- is it possible to fund with an ACH deposit and an Alto deposit? Or would that look like two entities to the regulators?

Related question -- when are you looking to have our funds hit the escrow account? Not sure what the setup time is on the Alto and would have to get money moved over.


SPPX Site Administrator

Each investment commitment is

Each investment commitment is its own transaction -- you're allowed to make multiple investments up to your limit under REG-CF and each investment can be funded from different accounts. ACH takes 1-2 business days after your account has been confirmed.

ALTO transactions depend on your current custodian -- Fidelity can be done in as little as 1-2 business days -- Vanguard took about 5 business days and other custodians may take longer.

Plenty of time to get your pledge funded before the campaign is fully (or over) subscribed and closed.