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Changing pledge amount

When my account was created, the max pledge was listed at $2200, though I had initially pledged more than that via email. I updated my investor profile, but don't see an option to increase my pledge. Is $2200 still the cap or is there a way to change that?


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In order to qualify for

In order to qualify for larger investments under Regulation Crowdfunding (REG-CF) you must update your Investor Profile and provide your Income, Net Worth and any other investments you've made on other REG-CF portals within the last 12-months so that the system can calculate your maximum investment amount. You can find your Investor Profile under "My Account" .

I was reading through the

I was reading through the documents and thought submitting the Exhibit C documentation was required for funding. The instructions weren't clear that Exhibit C is only needed for investing above the maximum level at least for those that aren't used to investing a lot of money. I discovered that I could invest through the funding options based on the maximum level and it didn't required the Exhibit C document.

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All investors will have to

All investors will have to complete the Exhibit C agreement and information. That will be done later on, but you will need to complete the information later electronically via the portal.

No shares may be sold until the campaign has been public for at least 21 days (and if we do a closing earlier than the campaign end date, we will notify all contributors at least five business days before scheduling any moved up closing date).


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Ok, thank you for the

Ok, thank you for the clarification. I'll patiently wait for that request when the time comes.

Thanks, updating the investor

Thanks, updating the investor profile was all that was needed. I'd changed income and net worth on there before posting this comment, but when I logged back in later I saw my max pledge had changed, so there was merely a delay there which is why I posted initially.


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Great! Thank you for

Great! Thank you for confirming and posting this.

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