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Subscription Agreement

We received the following question from an investor:

Q: I'm unclear where to send my signed subscription agreement. Can I fax it to you?

A: The way Regulation Crowdfunding works, we cannot sell any securities until the campaign is up for at least 21 days. So currently, your funded pledge will be held in escrow with the third-party escrow agent (Sunrise Bank) until we hold a closing. Once the closing is announced pursuant to the requirements of REG CF, you will be prompted to fill out the contract electronically on the SPPX portal page itself. No need to fax anything. So sit tight for now until the campaign is over or a closing is held. In the meantime, you can review the Subscription Agreement to see what information you will need to provide (name, address, your wire instructions, confirmations as to whether you are an accredited investor, etc.) You also have the right to cancel your pledge up to 48 hours prior to closing.

Daniel McNicoll
Head of Production
Viral Films Media

How do I get to the SPPX

How do I get to the SPPX portal page?

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This is the link that will

This is the link that will take you to the prompt to complete your investment information:

You will need to log into your account, go to that link and follow the prompts once there. Many thanks.

Viral Films Media

This link takes me to my

This link takes me to my Investor Dashboard. No prompts, nothing to fill in, nothing to do that I can determine except click back to the Viral Films Media campaign which then has the pdf's that I have already read.

Please, spell out how, in a clear fashion, just how I am supposed to "fill in" and "electronically sign" the Subscription Agreement, the Operating Agreement, et al.

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On your Investor Dashboard

On your Investor Dashboard page, it should say "My Investment Activity on Viral Films Media".

Below that heading is a table setting forth details of your Investment Pledge.

The right-most column of that table, labeled "Actions" should contain links beside your pledge to either "Subscribe" or "Rescind". Hit "Subscribe" and you will be taken to the page where you will complete the Subscription Agreement information and e-signature. Fill in the requested information, and you will be done!

Let us know if you still encounter any problems. Thanks very much!

Viral Films Media

Got a message a few days ago

Got a message a few days ago (12 Sep) to sign my subscription agreement. Did so, submitted, downloaded my copy. Just got a new message (16 Sep)
"Please follow the link below and complete the information requested and electronically sign the agreements:"

Okay-so, I followed the link and arrived at this page:
Investor Dashboard
My Investment Activity on Viral Films Media
Status: Subscribed

That page offers two links "View Signed Agreement" or "Re-sign Agreement": both "already visited" (i.e., darkened). Do I need to re-sign the agreement?


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If your status is showing up

If your status is showing up as "Subscribed", you should be good to go and no further action needed. If you want us to double check, e-mail us at [email protected] with your subscriber info (Name and E-mail address), and we can check and revert by e-mail.

Thanks very much.

Viral Films Media

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Given your comment, I guess

Given your comment, this is not an issue, but as FYI the same has occurred to me. I received a second email requesting signature, but I signed after the first email. My investor table shows only these actions: [View Signed Agreement] [Re-Sign Agreement].

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Thanks, Michael. There may

Thanks, Michael. There may have been some disconnect between the latest email lists and people's actual status: i.e. some people had already completed "Subscribe", but were already on the list to receive an additional reminder email. You are also listed as "Subscribed". Thanks again.

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