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verified ACH account not available for funding pledge

My account is verified and shows that way in the funding options page, but when I go to the invest screen and click through to fund my pledge, it shows no connected accounts. Anyone else have this problem? It did take 3 days for the micro transactions to go through, so maybe there is another waiting period for the system to connect the account to the pledge. Do I need to enable autofund?

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Same issue. Looking forward

Same issue. Looking forward to admin's answer. I enabled "autofund" and nothing changed.

i just checked and the

i just checked and the account was linked, so apparently it is just a process delay (about 4 hours in my case). I did not need to enable "autofund". I am now an investor.


SPPX Site Administrator

We've got autofund disabled

We've got autofund disabled at the moment for amounts over $1,000 because we wanted to make sure people were comfortable with it -- given the high number of first time investors we thought it more prudent to make funding manual in case investors wanted to change their pledges (something we've seen A LOT of in this campaign) -- with most people upping their investment commitments within a day or so of making their initial pledges -- others have been interested in the ALTO IRA option. Sorry for the confusion! Ping us ANYTIME via the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page for a fast and personal response!


Huge -did-not-know!!

Huge did-not-know!!
Just checked and my 'auto-funding' didn't occur, even though the mini-deposts were approved last Friday (!) PLEASE add a big bright message for new-to-investing folks who would not imagine that -- have approved the mini-deposits and been 'accepted over here -- that we're still not investing/funding. I clicked the 'auto-invest' on the Funding Options, I'm HOPING that means I'm now an investor?!

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Can you email us at vfm

Can you email us at [email protected] and we can check based on your name and email if your pledge is in? Thank you!

Daniel McNicoll
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If you aren't sure whether

If you aren't sure whether you've funded your pledge, go to the Investor Dashboard. If it's not funded, there will be an option to fund.

I started this process last Friday and I was only just able to click the button to send the funds in.

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Thank you for pointing this

Thank you for pointing this out!

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