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Farm + Vine

Farm + Vine is a new kind of restaurant, with a new service model, operating in a restaurant category that people want, but doesn’t exist. That category is Fast Casual Dining, which saves time + money to create value while delivering a social dining experience with self-pour wine and craft beer.

Farm + Vine plans to grow to 3-5 locations in 3-5 years; here’s why. Dining is a social activity that we all crave. But casual dining is not convenient dining, so it’s ready for disruption. Mobile technology can reduce friction and make peoples’ lives easier. Farm + Vine uses technology to layer social dining onto a fast casual setting, serving people who need to fuel and people who want to gather and socialize over dinner and a drink.

Farm + Vine plans to exploit this disruptive opportunity with aggressive growth. Each location is similar in size to Chipotle, costs about the same to build, and aims to deliver similar annual revenues; the difference is the F+V enjoys the higher margins provided by wine + beer. Each location is projected to deliver EBITDA in the range of 25-40% of capital costs. This is the currency that will hopefully fuel our growth and may attract M&A interest.

Farm + Vine is a growth story. After the concept is proved, we expect to merge with or be acquired by a strategic partner who can fund our growth to become a regional and national restaurant concept. But our strength comes from the local community, where I’ve been a 30-year restaurant chain owner, so I’m inviting you to join us as an equity shareholder. Be a part of something new and exciting, and take ownership in a new concept that believes in better eating.

-Doug Sams, Founder

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