Silicon Prairie Online Is A Minnesota Moonshot


Silicon Prairie Online creator David Duccini is poised to change the mechanics of money from Minnesota.

The consummate technologist has kept his eyes glued on two moving targets for the last few years while patiently waiting for that window of opportunity.  Between the maturation of blockchain technology and the legalization of investment crowdfunding, this prophetic entrepreneur sits at the confluence, ready to strike gold.

“The first things I set out to do was bridge the gap between the blockchain’s distributed database feature and a corporation’s capitalization (cap) table,” he explains, referencing the legal document that outlines founders and investors changing percentage of ownership, equity dilution, and value over time.  So in the summer of 2016 he formalized that idea, starting stacking the build, and swiftly became the second MNvest crowdfunding portal operator registered with the State of Minnesota, foreshadowing that vision:

"Our longtail is putting issuers and shareholders on a their own private ledger to facilitate the issuance, voting, communications and eventual liquidity…”

What began with the blockchain-based cap table has since transformed into a grand plan for key escrow service, anti-counterfeiting, a peer to peer liquidity exchange, investor relations services, a broker-dealer license, even becoming a bank…and there’s probably more cards that he’s not showing quite yet.  Ultimately though, he wants it all, and isn’t afraid to admit that “nothing is off limits,” in the most not Minnesotan sort of way.

Discussed at length, the system is smart, and not in the smart vs. dumb technology sense — it’s actually designed with the type of forethought that one should expect when going up against the canons of capitalism, seeking to democratize the flow of money.  The ‘if that then this’ scenarios go well beyond the code of computer, extending into the nuances of ownership and management, a place where the complexities of law meet an untested technology in the uncharted waters of digital asset management. To authorize shares, issue, transfer, and redeem – each element of the lifecycle brings about its own unique set of high stakes considerations.   From an underlying security perspective, he says to have implemented the most sophisticated method of checks and balances known, though no technology is bomb proof.

“It’s subject to the same level of risks as any piece of software,” he says  bluntly. “But there have been no ‘double spend’ attacks against the blockchain yet. A securely scalable, perpetually legal, and transparent framework is at the crux of Silicon Prairie.”

The approach, the technology, the timing is all there. So why not Silicon Prairie Online?

The lack of legal precedent with blockchain as it relates to corporate case law is the biggest risk of it all, by default, as it’s just so new.  Another potential snag is the State itself, which tends to lean towards preserving the status quo when push comes to shove.  Silicon Prairie Online could circumvent or even eliminate the so many incumbents and middle-men within the financial sector, some with deep lobbying ties to the ministry of money.   The Commerce Department’s resistance to peer to peer intrastate equity crowdfunding is a harbinger of what Silicon Prairie’s success could face.  After all, deregulation is just code for ‘We’re going to allow this to happen, though only with our regulatory hands in the middle.’

But he’s thought through what he can, at least for now, and is prepared to boldly introduce Silicon Prairie Online starting on a intrastate level and then broadly on a national scale when that time arrives.

And this is where it gets meta.

Silicon Prairie Online actually became its own issuer back in February, meaning that in addition to being an officially recognized portal for other businesses to raise money using blockchain functionality, Duccini decided to use the platform to fund itself and test his tech.  That’s right, the portal became the issuer, and it’s all totally legitimate.

Over $100,000 in SAFE notes have been pledged with $80k+ in escrow to date, accumulated from over thirty different unknown Minnesota investors who are betting a minimum of $1,000 on Silicon Prairie’s future (while also believing that a pre-revenue valuation of $10 million is reasonable).  On that note, the company intends to eventually earn income by charging issuers, white labeling, and managed service agreements.

“We’re still in the dot com days of blockchain and crowdfunding. It’s coming around the corner fast though and I’m going to ride the river, from Minnesota all the way down to Texas,” he purports, putting the Silicon Prairie in Portal and Exchange.  “Mining for money along the way.”

As Silicon Prairie wraps up its seed financing while testing for any difference between theory and reality, it’s quietly building a pipeline for future demand with ten plus Minnesota companies already lined up to launch their own campaigns once the service becomes fully available.

When compared to the other approved equity crowdfunding portals, Silicon Prairie is a Falcon 9 aiming for the stratosphere, nothing short of a Minnesota moonshot with the potential to transform lives. Duccini has his copilots — and soon to be shareholders — but the bottom line is he’s the captain and the shotcaller of it all, at least for now.  A successful trip means matching the merits to the vision and staying course for however long it takes, which always boils down to the same key question: can he execute?

“Watch me,” he says with the confidence of madman on a mission.


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  • TheLittleDuke

    As we predicted….Delaware formerly recognizes the use of a blockchain based distributed ledger for tracking shareholders. It’s too bad Minnesota wasn’t the first to post on this idea, but considering that 2/3rd of the nations fortune 500 companies are domiciled as Delaware corps, I’ll take it!

    • Jeff Pesek

      Hi David, what do you consider the significance of this?

      • TheLittleDuke

        When it comes to business law, “As Delaware goes, so does the nation” — for us in MN under our MNvest rules, a company is permitted to be domiciled in Delaware — therefore if necessary, we can move incorporation there in order to leverage the ruling on blockchain based distributed ledgers for shareholder registries.

        Practically speaking, I don’t think a state based regulator is going to bar it considering its superior tamper-evident nature over an excel spreadsheet on a founders hard drive….

  • TheLittleDuke

    Our MNvest raise closes on February 16th, 2018 — a full year after we launched it. We just got approved two days ago by FINRA on our Regulation Crowdfunding (REG-CF) funding portal application which means we can now offer equity crowdfunding in all 50 states! Any business can raise up to $1,070,000 from ANY investor in ANY state.

    We now have a working mobile wallet that can both send and receive the 2GIVE cryptocurrency I created a couple of years. It’s based on the latest versions of the Bitcoin “Breadwallet” merged with the latest Litecoin “Loafwallet” combined with our changes to the blockchain to integrate it with the Windows, Mac and Linux wallets. It’s all open source available on GitHub.

    We have demonstrated that we can produce paper “certificates” that are linked to the blockchain and can show a potential buyer if the certificate actually has value by scanning the qr-code of the public key. This means we have an anti-counterfeiting securities instrument that protects investors that can also provide unprecedented oversight to regulators on the flows of ownership in a small issuer.

    From here we are chasing an SEC “Stock Transfer Agent” approval so that we can start managing existing companies captables and shareowner services using blockchain based distributed ledgers. Voting and liquidity for everyone! Friction free and low cost Dividend Reinvestment Plans are just the beginning.

    We have started exploring an “Alternative Trading System” (think NASDAQ) for crypto backed assets.

    And finally, we have already licensed our entire “portal as a service” stack off to a Colorado portal operator and the LAND.MN portal just announced last month.

    Can I execute? You be the judge…

  • TheLittleDuke

    And now Silicon Prairie Registrar & Transfer, llc d/b/a Blockchain Registrar & Transfer is an SEC registered Stock Transfer Agent

    This grants us the right to hold securities (something the portals are prevented from doing unless they are a Broker-Dealer), manage dividend payments, reinvestment plans, secondary offerings, voting and lot more!$/SEC/Registrant.asp?CIK=1734055

  • TheLittleDuke

    One year ago today. We’re now waiting on the MN Department of Commerce to approve our plan to establish the first intra-state exchange, aka “MNtrade” — which realizes the long term version for “liquidity”

  • TheLittleDuke

    At noon on June 10th, 2019 our intrastate broker-dealer registration became effective in Minnesota.

    Fulfilling the promise we made here. Next up? An SEC registered exempt Alternative Trading System (ATS) — followed shortly thereafter with either a Special Purpose National Bank charter or we just go buy one…